What a Coach Can Give You, You Cannot Give Yourself...

A great coach can give you something that few others can - insight into yourself. In other words, how you are "wired" and "gifted". What will it take for you to change and work toward your own best interests today and for the rest of your life? A coach can do that for you, yes a Church Planter, Church Plant Launch Team, and a Church Sponsor Pastor/Congregation Coach.The Head Coach provides a personal, professional service tailored to meet your specific needs.

The " Just Coach Me" Philosophy
Our philosophy and process is simple. The learning and changing process has three major components.

1. Application:  An electrician uses a totally different set of tools than a mechanic or carpenter. Every situation is unique and a Coach makes the difference. Strategic thinking in determining where to plant a new business or church and execution of that strategy is essential in having a successful church plant. 

2. Accountablity:  Planting a new church is like sailing a boat in a hurricane. The daily tasks and responsibilities can seem overwhelming and many church planters get off course quickly.  A Coach keeps the planter on course by lovingly but firmly guiding them through the high's and lows of ministry.  

3. Achievment:  A Coaches responsibility is to maximize the gifts and potential of his players.  We all have different strengths and weaknesses.  Pulling out the best in a church planter is the job of a coach.  Your coach's role in your process of change, improvement and enrichment is to be there as an outside objective observer, to give feedback, suggestions, motivation and provide accountability. It is YOUR LIFE and the coach wants you to succeed.

4 Coaching Axioms for Success:

1.  Just because you do not know something does not mean you cannot learn it.

2.  Just because you are scared is no excuse not to do it.

3.  Just because you have never done it before does not mean you should not do it now.

4.  Just because you have failed at something in the past does not mean you will fail now.

A coach, like a very special trusted friend, understands the complexities of life and takes away the excuses by not accepting them. 

Our Commitment to You
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